Don’t Trust Your Parents

In the last post we talked about the simple moments of life being the root of our success and failure.

Today let’s talk about our parents. Parents – and let’s be honest, this extends to all family and friends – are unlikely to tell you the truth about your success and failures.

They want you to feel good, so their opinions are already tainted and will offer only rudimentary feedback of actual value.

To grow, to get better, you need to hear the truth.

If your writing sucks – you need to know so you can alter what is not working.

If you’re singing off key – someone better tell you.

If your latest chicken soup tasted like pork, yeah….someone better tell you.

What’s the most likely outcome though?

Encouragement with gentle feedback. And most people don’t hear the feedback because they are so hooked on external validation that they seek it from anyone.

So if you truly want to grow in your field, seek out feedback from people who have no vested interest in keeping your feelings intact if you really suck.

Encourage people to tell you what you don’t do well, where you can improve, where the good has cracked into mediocre.

That takes guts.

Do you have it in you?

Let me know.

Until next time.


PS – The podcast has been going great, with downloads increasing every week. New episodes come out Monday and Friday. This week, I have a special interview with Patrick Nugent on men’s mental health. Check it out at


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