A Confused Mind

Today let’s talk about mentors, coaches, support staff, psychologists, spiritual healers and the bible.

Too many people are pulling support from too man sources.

The human mind was not manufactured to hold so many options available for use. In fact, the more options you have, the less likely you are to use any of them.

Really get that.

More options reduce your ability to do any of them.

A common marketing statement is that a confused mind won’t buy. I think it goes far beyond that.

A confused mind won’t take any action.

Curate the people you are drawing your attention from. They may all be valuable – although they probably aren’t – AND you must choose the 1 or 2 people or methodologies that really serve you and are in alignment with your future direction.

Clear the mind by clearing the options you have.

Of course – count me in 🙂

Until next time.



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