The Principle of Purpose

In the last post, we talked about purpose and panic and the importance of choosing purpose in these challenging times.

But how do we do that?

How do we find purpose in times of turmoil?

The answer to that question requires an answer to another question. We have to start with a premise that goes like this.

This event is happening for my highest good. I may not know it, but I must hold onto that basis.

I am truly not meaning to sound glib or dismissive of people’s suffering. There has been a tremendous loss of life, and the economic impacts will be significant.

Yet if we hunker down into a state of victimhood, it is nearly impossible to find purpose. So we must look for the silver lining when we can.

We simply must.

And so we must start with that premise.

This event is happening for my highest good. I may not know it, but I must hold onto that basis.

By choosing to accept this as a starting premise we can move onto the second question which will lead us to identify our purpose during these times.

If I accept that this event is happening for my highest good and I will get through this, what is this event asking me to start, stop or change?

I encourage you to meditate on this question.

What is it that you are being called to start, to stop or to change?

Is it a behaviour? Is it an old habit? Or are you being asked to pivot your business or your career? Perhaps now is the right time to start that book, that opera or that secret project in the yard.

Through answering these simple and profoundly powerful questions, you will become more aligned with your true calling, and discover, that even in turmoil, the timeless principles of purpose stand fast.



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