Your Future Prosperity Treasure Map

This week, we’ve looked at the formation of role models and the impact of the Hero’s Journey to your financial prosperity.

Today, let’s look turn our attention to the future.

In the same way, that past role models can impact you and create self-fulfilling belief systems that become the guiding posts of your life, future role models can become the gravity that pulls you toward the person you want to be.

Who is the guiding post for your future?

Who are the role models that are even now pulling you forward?

This raises a critical point.

By the time people hit their 40’s (yes I’m there), patterns can be so deep that change is difficult.

But not impossible.

It requires a new way of seeing the world, a new influx of potential and possibility.

It requires new hope and new belief systems that are outside the norm, outside what has been accepted so far.

Outside of each person’s comfort zone.

To track powerfully forward, you must first define who that person is that you are aiming at. Who is the person you wish to be? What are their behaviours? What do they like and don’t like? What do they watch on television? What books do they read? What do they do with their spare time?

Even if this feels false, a dream, a promise of a younger self-made to some older version of you, it is important that you define who this is.

Only by defining that person can you then find the role models who have already achieved it, living life the way you want to live it, so you can be pulled forward.

So in this final prosperity post, I’d encourage you to do two things.

1 -Define who you want to be.

2 – Identify 3 role models that can get you there.

3 – Start following them, learning from them, modelling them.

It’s the exact strategy used by your unconscious mind when you were growing up. We’re just hacking it into your life right now.

I mean why not.

You’re worth it.

Keep dreaming and believing.

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