Mastering the Mystery of Motivation
Day 6
The One Thing You Must Handle

 Welcome to Day 6.

Only two days to go.

So what have we learnt so far? We’ve learnt that commitment is far important than a decision. We’ve learnt that you need to start your day the right way and time can work for you rather than against you if you set the right timeframes. In day 4 and 5 we learnt the requirement for routine and the connection to your why.

I hope you have built the framework based on those days.

So let’s get into Day 6.

What’s the 1 thing that always threatens our goals?

No matter what your goal, whether it’s for you or for someone else, the 1 thing that will threaten to derail you, to knock you off your momentum is disappointment.

Disappointment takes the wind out of our sail’s faster than anything else.

You have to handle your disappointment because there’s one truth you need to know.

You can’t escape disappointment. It’s coming for you. It’s hunting for you. It smells your drive, your determination, your success and it feeds on knocking you down and getting you to take a backward step.

It will find you.

You will confront it. It may not be today or tomorrow, but you will come face to face with it at some point.

And you know when it’s likely to corner you? It will find you at your weakest, when the struggle seems greater than your strength, when the difficulty seems greater than what you can take.

Disappointment is a hungry beast whose hunger is never sated. You cannot defeat this beast. If you try, you will lose. You cannot cage it, hide from it, run from it, evade it or win against it.

It will always win.

If you fight it.

You must discipline your disappointment by turning away from it. Knowing it is there gives you the power, because the only way it can hurt you, the only way it can stop you is if you pay attention to it.

Disappointment is as definite as the sun rising tomorrow.

And just like the sun rises and you no longer bring your attention to it every morning, we must do the same with disappointment.

Discipline yourself against paying attention.

Discipline yourself against buying into the story of disappointment. The self-chatter, the negative beliefs. Don’t enter that class.

Turn away from it and keep going. Acknowledge that it is there and turn your back to the beast. Once you do that you will discover the greatest secret.

It has no power over you unless you engage with it!

So here, you must discipline your disappointment and ignore the feelings. That’s the key.

And guess what? Routine and habits and connection to your WHY will help you do that.

I’m excited for you.

So, tomorrow, we’re on Day 7, the final part of this program. Look out for it because we are going to bring everything together. I’m going to show you how to take your commitment, your morning habits, your time, your why, your work, and your discipline and bring it all together into the Ultimate Secret. The email will be titled Day 7 – The Ultimate Secret.

See you then.


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