Mastering the Mystery of Motivation

Day 4

The Question at the Beginning of it All

Welcome to Day 4 of your Mastering the Mystery of Motivation program.

I’m especially excited about the message in today’s post. Why? I’m glad you asked.

After coaching and mentoring hundreds of people, both paid and pro-bono I can honestly tell you that the NUMBER 1 thing that separates those that do from those that don’t is this.

Connection to their WHY.

Why are they going after this goal? Why is it important?

And here’s the key.

Their understanding and connection to their WHY is not logical. It’s not a thinking process filled with words and pictures. Often they have felt it hard to communicate why they are so fired up.

Until you look in their eyes.

Ad you see the fire, the passion, the pain.

In fact, I know this about YOU TOO, even though we have likely never met.

Whenever you have accomplished something great in your life, there has been a fire inside you, some great emotion that has pushed you through the pain, the struggle, and the ease of quitting.

I know that has been the case for me.

It’s case for all millionaires.

It’s the case for every mum and dad that does anything required to help their child.

Success, fulfillment and greatness sit on the other side of the actions required to get you there, and the fuel for those actions, the coal that will keep you burning on the inside is your WHY!

You must take the time today to determine why this is important to you. And let me give you a million-dollar coaching tip for free.

Go down 7 levels.

When you ask yourself why and you get an answer, ask the why again until you have asked 7 times. This will get you to the core of your heart, the core of your desire, the real reason you are wanting to achieve and succeed in this goal.

And if you shed a tear because it’s really important. Good.

Get connected to who you are and why you are wanting this and motivation will become a simple case of connecting to that whenever you feel flat and down and discouraged.

This is the key.

Enjoy the journey.

Tomorrow I’m going to share with you the One Paradigm that sifts everything when you add it to your WHY. Look out for the email titled Day 5 – The Paradigm that Shifts Everything.

See you then.


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