Mastering the Mystery of Motivation

Day 1

Decision v's Commitment

Welcome to day 1 of the Mastering the Mystery of Motivation Program

Every day we are faced with challenges that require us to keep moving forward. And every day we fight a battle from within, between two sides.

The side of you that wants to move forward.

The side of you that wants to play it safe.

Every person on the planet fights this battle.

The person you idolise, the guru, the billionaire….everyone fights the battle every moment.

And the first thing to know is that the battle never ends.


You feeling motivated yet?

No seriously, let me explain.

You see, motivation is something that most people think comes from outside of them. You know what I mean?

I’m not motivated because I’m not inspired.

I’m not inspired because I’ve had a bad day.

I’ve had a bad day because….look at all the stuff that has happened to me.

Well, here’s the magic secret.

The first to motivation is to recognise that all motivation comes from you. Inside you to be excact.

And it all starts with am understanding of the difference between a decision and a commitment.

Coaches and Guru’s and the local butcher all tell you that your life will change when you make a decision.

Not true.

In fact, it’s a downright lie.

You can change a decision. Haven’t you done that before….many times? Yeah me too.

Last week I decided I wouldn’t eat sugar for a week. One day later, I ae an Easter egg. I decided.

I hadn’t made a commitment though.

Decision can be changed….by another decision.

A commitment is permanent.

And that’s the first step.

You have to make a commitment.

First you choose what you want as a goal.

Next, make a decision that you’re going to go for it.

Is it going to the gym? Is it starting a business? Losing the weight? Being a better mum or dad, wife or husband?

As soon as you decide, you’re half way there.

Now, make a commitment.

How do you do that?

You utilise the one thing that makes a decision and commitment different.

The Power of You.

The reason you are doing this is what matters. So get clear on why it’s important. What will you gain by getting it and lose by not getting it?

Get clear on that, and you’re in. You’re done. You’re cooked.

Game Over.

The commitment will carry you into motivation whenever you needed. It will be fuelled by what is truly important to you.

So what can you commit to today. Take a few moments to choose. And remember…..make it real and get really certain.

Motivation is an inside game.

Tomorrow, look out for the next video and the email. It’s titled, Day 2 – MMR – The 1 Thing.

I’ll be sharing what you must do every morning to start your day in the strongest way.

Do this and you’ve won your day, all before you walk outside your front door.

Have a great motivated day.

See you then.



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