When you want to believe…but it’s hard right now

It sounds like this.

“I want to believe….but it’s hard right now….and I need some proof”

Someone give me some proof that what I’m doing now will all work out. I can handle it if I know.

Problem is….we never know.

We never know for sure.

What we do is plough the land and plant the seed. That’s the process. That’s all we are responsible for. The Process.

The universe, God, the greater power – whatever you call it – is responsible for the Outcome.

The outcome is never certain. It’s our need for certainty that is the problem. It’s hard now because we lack certainty for the future.

We crave something we – as mere mortals – can never have. That’s the irony.

There’s an element of Faith that is needed.

Which begs a very important question.

Are you too proud to have faith in something more than you?

See, I think that many of us have too much stubbornness to resort to such an archaic formula as Faith. What if that is exactly what you need?

Sometimes our greatest challenges are a crushing press of faith-summoning, crushing the ego out of our bodies so we can call on the greater power we have in our soul.

Wanting-to-believe will never be enough when life gets hard.

You must switch to ‘have-faith’ in the mystery that is beyond us, and taking the next logical step in this faith coupled with your belief that you are capable and will find a way.

Somebody right now is saying That’s cute Chris. Inspiring even….but I still don’t know what to do.”

In life, we all face disappointments and moments of uncertainty. Sometimes those moments last minutes, other times they can last weeks or even months.

As Elevation church head pastor Steven Furtick told his congregation in November of 2019, “How you process the disappointment determines whether it becomes faith that propels you or fear that paralyses you.”

And the processing that propels is one based on faith…that somehow, this will come together and in hindsight, it will make sense.

We must borrow the strength of our future self that has succeeded, for who we are right now is ringed with doubt, uncertainty and confusion. The future you has already achieved the goal, won the fight, delivered on the outcome. Pull his strength and certainty into your world now.

This is the faith that propels.

The faith that upholds.

The faith of tomorrow.

So, what are your thoughts on this important subject? Share them below.



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