There’s always options – we just may not like them

Like most people, I find myself caught between the world we knew and the world we’re in, a world of transition to a new place, a new state of normal.

And during this time there are things I really do not like.

My elderly father had two falls at home in two days, leading to him being hospitalised again. I’ve visited the hospital every day for the last eight days.

Not the place I want to be.

Some things still trigger me.

My father being ill is just one of them.

He might have to go into respite.

He might have to go into permanent aged care.

These are not experiences I enjoy or want to have to deal with right now.

And I have to remind myself that even though I might feel I have no options, I do….they’re just ones I don’t like.

I could:

  • Take these treasured moments as sacred, knowing he isn’t going to be around forever

  • Take these moments to restructure my routine to accommodate these changes

  • Make new decisions about what is important and how I will engage with new priorities

  • Recognise the gifts in these moments

These are the thoughts and experiences I am contemplating right now.

I’m wondering how many people are faced with challenging situations – maybe you or a loved one – and feel there are no options.

I’d guess it’s a very high percentage of people.

I think it’s important that we recognise the options we do have. They may be different. In fact, I’d imagine they will be.

The old ways of doing things are gone.

No matter if we emerge tomorrow from this situation, our options will be different.

The question you need to ask of yourself is – are you ready to see them?

What do you think?


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