The Viciousness on the Inside

Now that’s a strong title.

But what the $%^& does it mean?

I was talking to my coach this week and we were evaluating the successes and ‘not so successes’ of our business this year. It’s a process I encourage everybody to undertake, a self-audit in June/July so you know if you need to adjust anything for the balance of 2021.

And to be honest, I was being a bit self-critical.

Well, after letting me go on a for a bit (I got on a roll), he responded with “Well, that’s a bit vicious isn’t it?

We all speak harsher to ourselves than anyone else. There’s no new breakthrough here (thanks Chris for stating the obvious).

But how often do we audit that voice?

I know I didn’t…and I suspect there are far more people that don’t, rather than do.

Auditing that voice, the words, tone and volume…is vital.

If you let it take hold, if you let it plant its toxic untruths, you’ll be fighting an uphill battle.

Perhaps today is the day you take your power back.

So what do you think? Comment below and share your thoughts.


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