The Search for Meaning

It’s ironic that we search for meaning in the one thing that promises but rarely delivers.


And then again, there is an egoic sense to that drama.

It is our ego that finds meaning in accomplishing ‘things’ and ‘stuff’. The non-specificity there is intentional for our ego doesn’t care what it is we are aiming our attention on. This is why it is so easy to suffer ‘shiny-object-syndrome’.

When one set of action doesn’t deliver the meaning we think it should, we quickly move onto another set.

Here’s a perfect example of the marketing space.

A new business owner wants to get traction in social media. He puts all his attention on Facebook Ads – and over a period of 6 months, has some success. He gets annoyed with Facebook Ads and upon hearing about this amazing, fandangle new, never-before-released training on YouTube Ads, decides to aim his attention there.

You probably already know what happens.

Six months later he is on INSTA.

And then Tik-Tok or whatever next wave will follow.

It’s not just results he is looking for. Results would come on any platform if enough time was spent to master it.

Or at the very least….become good.

To get out of the ‘dabble’ bucket and enter into the ‘commitment’ bucket.

Meaning is rarely found in the accomplishment of the goal. Rather, it is found in staying in a place long enough to master not only the goal but our own proclivities and insecurities.

What are your thoughts?



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