The Point of Life

What is the point of life?

It’s one of those eternal questions, up there with the meaning of life.

I expect that different dogmas will have different answers, yet, in my research, it seems that our most ancient traditions and teachings seem to have a common answer.

To create who and what you want to be, and to experience that creation in this life.

I find this statement totally fascinating.

Let’s break it down.

To create who and what you want to be – This firstly implies that you have some creative force, some power to bring into being a version of you that does not as yet exist. And we know this is true.

How do we know?

If you look around you, everything you see was created by man (apart from the natural resources of this planet of course). Everything was first created by the mind of man as an idea and was forged into reality through behaviour and action.

So, our first premise is you must decide who and what you want to be.

What are the values and commitments you will stand by?

What are the norms you will accept as truth and what will you stand up against?

What are the behaviours that will form the basis of who you want to be?

Once you make this declaration, which can often be done through a Code of Honour, you can move onto the second part of that declaration.

And to experience that creation in this life – Experience can only be garnered through action. Before this point, the experience is simply knowledge waiting to be applied. Experience is tangible. You either have it or not. There is no hypothetical in experience. There definitely is hypothetical in knowledge.

Too many people are living lives of manufactured hypotheticals, of thoughts that are played out in their imagination without ever even attempted to become real.

The point of life is to have an experience.

We must get out of the theory and get onto the playing field to give something a go. Sure, failure may follow, but is this not the way you learnt everything? Even that which you now call yourself an expert?

Life is a process of living, with the intent to decide who and what you want to be and then to go out and do your best to make that happen.

It will be a journey filled with failed expectations, wins and triumphs and every state in between.

Have you noticed that no matter what goal has been achieved, there is always another one after its achievement?

That’s the practical feeling in applying this line.

That’s what it feels like to create who and what you want to be, and to experience that creation in this life.

You have magic inside you.

It’s your time now.

Let it out and be amazing.

Until next time.



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