The Insecurity of Leadership

I was on the stage and everybody was looking at me, expecting something wise and magical to come out of my mouth.

And I had nothing.

I knew what I should say.

I knew what they expected me to say, but this was a real person standing in front of me, with real problems. And they were real tears.

In that moment I was hit with the insecurity of leadership.

Who decided I was the man with the answers?

What qualifies me to share what I think they should be doing?

Was I arrogant to even be there?

These are questions that I believe every leader faces. Some might say it’s a fake humility, a reverse bravado. To me, it’s being human.

I’ve released 87 podcasts, written a book, in the middle of 3 more books, run 6 Wizard Arises NLP Certification events, 1 Wizard Unleashed NLP Master Practitioner Certification event, and been made redundant from my safe and secure full-time job.

I’ve made more plans than I can think of, studied more books and programs than I ever needed and spent more money buying dreams than was necessary.

I’ve railed against my own stupidity.

I’ve fought against Anxiety and Depression.

I’ve screamed at the people I love and held love back as punishment.

I’ve made mistakes again and again and again.

So who am I to be trusted with an answer?

For me, what I have found is that the people I trust the most are the ones who are open about their own fallibility.  I want to know that you’ve struggled, that you’ve been up against it, that you know what it’s like to stare at the ceiling at 2 am because stress is in your blood.

I want to know that you’ve sought an answer and it hasn’t come so quick.

I want to know that sometimes, you’ve felt like giving up, throwing in the towel, and just sitting in bed wrapped up in your doona with a remote and Netflix staring right back at you.

I want to know you can lead because you can be human.

This is the insecurity of leadership.

I believe that when we step into the mantle of leadership, when we publish our words, our thoughts, when we take on the weight of being open and humble about our own journey it gives us the right to assist others.

And leadership triggers insecurity.

It’s part of the game. It’s part of the path, and to make a real difference, we have to be willing to walk it.

So my answer came when I remembered that being human IS the help and the momentary insecurity was just my check-in to stay grounded in service.

So, how does this sit with you?

Share your thoughts below and share with someone you think would benefit from this message.


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  1. Randy Gage 3 years ago

    Love your message, here.

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