The 5 Laws of Growth – Law 2 – Realising

Yesterday we talked about the first Law of Growth – Visioning.

Today we move onto Law 2 – Realising.

It all starts with a question.

What does it mean to have a goal that is worthy of your attention?

As I spend more time analysing how we set goals and what makes them work, I realised that once a worthy goal is decided upon, the first layer of resistance is automatically triggered.

Layer 1 – Believability

This is where the goal itself is questioned by the conscious mind within the framework of your life experience. In other words – can I actually hit this target? This then leads to the next layer of resistance.

Layer 2 – Outcome

What will I get if I go for it? Is this goal and the energy I need to put into it worh my investment? Am I gaining some freedom or am I avoiding my current pain? Once a decision is made here, we move to the final layer of resistance.

Layer 3 – Acceptance

At this stage we accept the goal and the action necessary to achieve it as truth. This acceptance is actually resistance in the guise of growth.  Once we have acceptance we must now face the internal realisation that we are not where we want to be and that to achieve this goal, change must occur.

This change is a deep, personal change.

It’s a change of consciousness. A change of direction, of values and the way we see the world.

It’s the second Law of Growth – realising that we must change from where we are to become the person who is able to create and achieve the goal we have declared as important to us.

What are your thoughts on Law 2?

And that’s where we will pick up tomorrow, on Law 3 – Searching.

Until then.

Be awesome.


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