Mastering the Mystery of Motivation
Day 7
The Ultimate Secret

Welcome to Day 7.

You’ve made it. It’s been a journey so let me first start by congratulating you on going all the way.

Statistics tell us that over 90% of people who start a program, even a free one like this, will not get to the final part, and you’ve done it.


Only 1 piece of the puzzle remains for you.

But before we get to that, let’s make sure the last segments make sense and you truly get them.

Day 1 –  Decisions are great but you can always change your mind and have a new decision. Commitment is far more important valuable. Commitment drives you. Commitment is a ‘burn the bridges’ mentality.

Day 2 – If you want to be successful you have to start your day the right way – breathing the correct way will flood your body with oxygen and once you’re oxygenated, you’ll be pumped for greatness.

Day 3 – Time will work for you if you set short goals you can achieve. It’s easier to get motivated for a 3-day goal than a 30 day goal. And the 3 days will lead to 7, and then 20 and 60….This is how success happens.

Day 4 – Your WHY is your fuel. When you connect here, your WHY will keep you going when the world gets cold and the going gets tough.

Day 5 – Disciple yourself to develop the habits, the routine so you can train your body to success. You must consistent focus and action to get to your goal.

Day 6 – The Beast is Coming and you can’t escape it. Disappointment is a beast you can’t kill. You must turn away from it and develop the courage to know it cannot harm you if you don’t engage it.

I think you’ll agree that this layout has prepared you as long as you have put the steps in action.

So, what is the final secret? The Ultimate Secret of Motivation?

It’s not what you expect.

The ultimate secret is the Zig Zag principle.

The herd is everywhere, people around you who are willing to flow through life and stay within their comfort zones.

That’s their choice. If you’ve come this far, it’s not yours.

When they Zig, you should Zag.

When they head to the party, you get to work on your dreams.

When they have greed, you have compassion.

When they sleep in, you get up before the sun rises, even if you’re not a morning person.

When they gossip, you plug in your motivational music and podcasts.

When they stop, you take the next step.

When the complain about their life, you command yours to be different through your actions, habits and rituals.

This is the final secret, to ignore the people around you by focussing on you, to ignore the naysayers simply because the fire inside you is stronger than the storm outside you.

When they are ok with average, you expect more from yourself.

When they play the lottery and hope they will get lucky, you do whatever it takes and make your own luck.

Surround yourself with people who will lift you up and support you, and if you don’t know anyone like that, plug into videos, podcasts and programs that will support you.

You can even get my 30 day program with 30 quick videos sent to you over a month. Get it here. www.mysteryofmotivation/30day

Get motivated to achieve your goal.

You’re worth it.

It’s worth.

Have the belief and the courage to keep going.

And share your story with me and let me know how this program has supported you. Go here and share with me.

To your success.



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