Smruti Dalal

I still find myself reading his work and listening to his video’s which have given me much joy & confidence to believe in myself and move forward in my own success story. If I could describe Chris I’d say he is a genuinely passionate individual who literally lives & breaths self empowerment. Chris has a knack of being resilient in achieving his goals and it’s infectious. With a simple conversation he will leave you feeling encouraged and on track to perusing your personal goals whatever they may be. What I love the most about Chris is that he has an unbelievable intuition which has on many occasions made me realise that it’s perfectly ok to be me, to display my passions and to listen to my inner self away from all the outside noise that may otherwise divert your attention. This invaluable quality of Chris is one of his great strengths among many. His kindness, approachable personality, trusting and supportive nature make him and his work incredibly insightful & engaging. He certainly has a great calmness about him and encourages you to create your success, small or big, by channelling (& challenging) your thoughts & actions.

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