Anoeil Abramian

I had been having challenges in my business where I had been stagnant and was having no progress. While working with Chris over the period of a few months he was able to guide me through some of the deep rooted things which we identified were holding me back from achieving the type of success I wanted to have. The mood of the sessions was relaxed and open which really allowed me and Chris to dive deep into some personal details and emotions that were challenging yet liberating because I was able to see and feel what had been holding me back. The coaching also had a positive impact on my home life because Chris’ approach was holistic and not specific just to my business challenges. I am a better leader today in my business and also in my family life because of the coaching received from Chris. If you want to go to another level in any area of life or business I would highly recommend working with Chris to help you get there. He will bring out that hidden potential we all have inside.


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