Stepping into Uncertainty

I’m just finishing on my second reading of Wishes Fulfilled by Dr Wayne Dyer. It’s one of my favourite books because it points the possibility of creating a world driven by our deepest desires as long as they are based in love.

There are many sections of this book that can become whole treaties and meditations. Today I just want to touch on the role of uncertainty in creating such a life.

At the Wizard Arises events, I talk in detail on our comfort zone and what rests outside it. Yes, outside this weird zone are things both frightening and wonderful. Yes, there are things that are dangerous and deserve careful review before engaging with them, and likewise, there are magical experiences to be explored.

The challenge we all face is that the life we are wanting to create requires us to step into the strange world of uncertainty and ambiguity. We don’t know what we don’t know. Our brains are designed to keep us safe…not to help us navigate uncertainty.

In fact, uncertainty is the most frightening thing to your unconscious mind. It will do everything it can to keep you from it.

And as a by-product of keeping you safe, it also keeps you from the goals you wish to create.

To the degree you can handle uncertainty is the degree to which you will continue to grow into the dream life you have been envisioning for yourself.

It starts with small steps. If uncertainty is challenging for you (as it is for me), try these simple and safe steps.

1 – Vividly imagine what you want until you feel it in your body

2 – Make a list of 3-4 actions you can take that stretch you but don’t feel life-threatening

3 – Schedule these actions into your diary

4 – Do them and then repeat this process from step 1

This slow advancement is based on the psychological treatment known as desensitization. The more we do the thing that scares us, the less it does so.

Take the steps forward into uncertainty and ambiguity. It is there that your dream life awaits.

Comment below and let me know what your experience has been with uncertainty.



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