No-One Will Ever Know

The great escape from living up to our personal ethics and character. What I do now, no-one will ever know. How many times have you lived by this standard? Let me be clear, I am not talking about the positive actions of buying coffee for the next person, or dropping a food hamper off on the doorstep of someone in need.

I’m talking about the behaviours you are glad nobody sees.

It’s cursing.

It’s shouting.

It’s pornography.

It’s the drugs.

It’s the lewd looks.

It’s the binge eating at 2 am when everyone is asleep.

When we live under the guise of good character, but lie to ourselves, we are not letting the world down. We are letting ourselves down.

It’s a violation of our own ethics. And the outcome of this is a heavily reduced self-esteem. Even when your action causes no immediate harm to another, they cause harm to you.

If you are suffering from this, consider how the effect transposes itself, multiplies out into your life.

The solution to this is twofold.

1 – Decide to live by a higher standard

2 –  Get help if you need it.

There’s also a further thought here. The fact that external validation (or non-validation in this case) makes it ok, even though it hurts you personally, demonstrates an over importance, an inflammation, in the importance of others’ opinion to you.

If you’ve ever changed because you were finally caught out….this applies to you.

It is imperative to create a code of conduct, an ethical structure and stricture for your life. It must be the guiding force and strength that governs your behaviour.

Religion does this perfectly.

Christianity has the 10 Commandments.

Islam has the Five Pillars.

Buddhism has Three Great Treasures that lead to the Five Precepts of Buddha.

How can you develop a Code that fits your life? We’ll discuss that on the next post.

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