Multi-Tasking Creates Victimhood

If your Life Wheel above were the wheel of your car, you would have a very uneven journey.

And isn’t that exactly what happens in life?

Our journeys are incredibly uneven, pulled from one direction to another even as we attempt to create the semblance of normality and balance. It might be the kids, or it might your health or the business. There is always something that is more important than another area.

Human beings are not designed to be effective multi-taskers. Whoever said they were – is just flat wrong.

Human beings are made to be super focussed and achieve extraordinary achievements in a highly specialised area.

The most specialised medical doctors get the most money and are peer-reviewed with the highest respect.

The most specialised mechanics work on Formula 1 vehicles – often specialising again in a specific area. Ever noticed a pit-stop during an F1 race? There are specialists who stop the car, get the tyres off, feed the petrol.

By the very nature of our ability to focus and be exceptional in one area, we forget or neglect other areas.

Spend too much time on the family and your career may suffer.

Spend too much time in the gym and on your health and your intimate relationships may suffer.

Balance is an impossibility.

Let me share one way you can hold onto Victimhood. Attempt to have balance in your life. It’s a sure-fire way to make yourself feel that you are failing not just in one-area, but in many.

Addiction to Victimhood requires that you continue finding ways to make yourself feel bad, whilst hiding behind the noble cause of righteousness and martyrdom. When we can magnify the need to be humble to the point of relegating our personal needs to the back bench, we can feel we have done something noble. Something for the service of humanity. This righteousness is self-contaminating. It spreads like a virus once it’s allowed to lay seed. Victimhood, the real cause, hides behind the belief that we are simply doing our bit and that it is noble to be selfless.

This massively inflated excuse for narcissism propagates through society disguised as common-good. And anybody who states something to the contrary is vilified.

In the next post we’ll examine a set of questions you can ask to check on the seeding of Victimhood and we’ll delver into the Balance Hack.

Comment below and let me know what you think.


PS – this is an excerpt from my upcoming book, the sequel to Finding Zero.


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