Habits make the gold

There is no magic to getting what you want.

It might feel like magic when you look at the far off a goal from this position you are now in.

It might feel like it’s going to take a Herculean effort, winning the lottery, a giant windfall from a deceased great great great uncle from Maladonia (There’s no Maladonia on the map but if there was I’m sure they would have great great uncles).

We tend to use the distance between here and there as a way to talk ourselves out of the actions and activity necessary.

It just seems too hard.

What if there was a way though, to simplify it?

What if there was a way, with what you know right now, to start you on the RIGHT path?

There is, but I guess you knew I’d say that.

The path is your habits.

Your habits, from brushing your teeth, to drinking water to the number of times you have to do something to be convinced you can do it, are habits.

And your habits, repeated daily, over a consistent and extended period of time will create your life.

What if you reverse engineered the habits of the successful and fulfilled version of you? The man or woman who has achieved whatever it is you are putting into your future plan, in this month of January.

As we move through this first month of 2020, I encourage you to design the habits of the year, the specific and repetitive actions that you must apply discipline and commitment to.

Perhaps it’s the habit of releasing your weekly podcast or blog, the habit of honouring yourself daily or of booking that date night.

Perhaps it’s the habit of education, of identifying the new skill you need to master, and organising your tine to make sure you do it.

Take some time this week to identify the habits that must become part of your life so you can stop running on the default programming of the world around you, and become the master of your domain. (My introduced habit is a Kundalini Yoga Kriya called ‘Master Your Domain” – I thought the name was fitting).

And remember to add a sprinkle of excitement, joy and fulfilment to your habits. After all, if you’re going to design a habit, it might as well be one you enjoy.

As always, comment below and ket me know what you think.

Until next time.



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