Coaches need to keep pushing too

Why is it important for coaches to keep pushing?

This answer became very self evident for me over the last 2 weeks as I came face to face with my own self limiting thoughts.

I have to tell you it was a surprise.

Not because I think I don’t have any – I mean I’m good but not that good lol.

My surprise was more around the intensity of the experience. I mean….it was strong.

And even as I new what I had to do.

It was challenging.

And then the irony came to me.

Only by pushing to we give ourselves the opportunity to come face to face with our limiting beliefs of self.

It’s the boundary that can only be reached by truly diving in, saying YES and figuring it out.

I like to tell my clients – “Build the Plane as It’s Flying”

I dove in. Head first, no floaty, into an ocean waiting to swallow me.

And guess what.

I started to float.

Where can you dive in today? Where do you need to find the irony between what you teach and what you do?

Coaches unite.


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