Aiming for Your Potential is Lazy

Are you wanting to reach your highest potential?

It’s a very common question amongst coaches, but what does it actually mean?

Is it even possible?

For me, potential is a lazy word. In my new book coming out next year, I go deep into this subject and put forward that everybody has potential. There is nothing unique about it. Your goal should not be to reach your potential – because ultimately no one ever does.

Potential is an ever-expanding target.

For example, if you started out broke with a goal of making $100k/month, you probably thought you had the potential to make $100k/month. As you got closer to that goal though, the target started to shift, didn’t it?

This happens in every goal you set.

The closer you get to it, the more obvious the re-setting of that goal.

You shift from $100k/month to $200K/month.

You shift from running 100m in 13 seconds, to 12 seconds.

It applies to every goal.

Again, I stress, there is nothing unique about your potential except that it is yours, and not mine.

Instead of aiming for your potential, aim for a very specific target, and consciously re-set it every 6 months.

The act of making it a conscious decision rather than a vague ‘potential’ solidifies your intention and asks your unconscious mind to get to work.

You’ll find you will:

  • think clearer

  • taking more intentional action

  • be more creative

  • be more purposeful

  • achieve faster

So that’s it for today.

Hit me up below and let me know what you think.



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