3 Steps to Defeating Hazy-Goal-Syndrome

Are you feeling hazy in life?

More than likely this is because you have hazy goals.

You can’t ask the goal-getter that is your unconscious mind to achieve a target that is hazy.

That would be like turning on the GPS in your car and entering a suburb rather than a street address.

You must get clear on what you want to achieve.

Why do so many people suffer from hazy-goal-syndrome’?

Well, for many people the issue is one of self-belief and programming which has supported this belief.

If you are finding yourself struggling to set goals you believe you can accomplish, do this:

1 – Set smaller goals that are just outside your comfort zone

2 – Set daily tasks you can tick off

3 – Celebrate yourself for the goals you have achieved every day.

Sound simple?

Solutions generally are.

Give it a go and let me know if you now feel more empowered to achieve what you want.

I think you will.

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